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1 2018 Optical properties of colloidal PbTe and its oriented attachment
Wit, J.W. de Peters, J.L., Maekelbergh, Prof. Dr. D.A.M. van, Mello-Donega, Dr. C. de
2 2017 Synthesis of Luminescent CdSe Based Nanoplatelets and Self-assembly in 3D Spherical Supraparticles
Sluijs, M.M. van der Montanarella, F.M., Vanmaekelbergh, prof. dr. D.A.M.
3 2014 From BVD Vaccination to Bleeding Calves - Analysis of the process of pharmacovigilance concerning the PregSure(r) Bovine Virus Diarrhoea Vaccine from Pfizer now known to cause Bovine N ...
Strik, M.J.H.P.M. Nielen, Prof. Dr. M.
4 2017 Modeling the extraction of tidal energy from the hypothetical Orkney Islands Dam (northern North Sea) and from turbines in a tidal inlet
Lemmens, C.H.E. de Swart, prof. dr. H.E., van Sebille, dr. E., Hepkema, Msc. T.M.
5 2015 De grootste sponsor van terrorisme. Het gebruik van terrorisme door de Iraanse overheid.
Mentink, D.A.M. de Graaff, Prof. Dr. B.
6 2010 Proprioception in osteoarthritis
Wind, E.D., Zoethout, S.B. van der Esch, Dr. M., Takken, Dr. T., Steultjens, Dr. M., Dekker, Prof. Dr. J.
7 2017 Dynamic Stabbing Queries with Sub-logarithmic Local Replacement for Overlapping Regions in R^2.
Hoog, I.D. van der Löffler, Dr. M., van Kreveld, Prof. Dr. M.
8 2011 Multicomponent Transport of Contaminants Released into the Environment following the Application of Phosphogypsum.
Ebbers, B. Hassanizadeh, Prof. S.M., van Genuchten, Prof. M. Th., Jacques, Dr. D.
9 2012 Investigating safety behavior effectiveness in exposure therapy in the reduction of negative feelings: raising commitment by means of a contract
Stap, D.V. van der van den Hout, Prof. Dr. M.
10 2010 Within-farm strain dynamics of Mycobacterium avium subsp paratuberculosis: Evidence for limited vertical transmission
Knupfer, E. Schukken, Prof. Dr. Y.H., Jorritsma, Dr. R.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 28837 pag. 12 3 4 5 6