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1 2018 Correlated motion of semiflexible colloidal bead chains
Bruning, J.A. Moerman, P.G., Kegel, W.K.
2 2013 Current water demand for smallholder irrigation in Messica, Mozambique
Moerman, J. Schot, P.
3 2015 Polymorphism and Dynamics of the Hepatitis B Virus Capsid
Moerman, P.G. Willem Kegel, Prof. Dr., Rolf Boelens, Prof. Dr., Hans Wienk, Dr.
4 2014 An explorative Delphi study to uncover knowledge, attitudes and skills for nurses using eHealth.
Moerman, A.H. van Houwelingen, MSc T., Kort, Prof. Dr. H., van Os-Medendorp, Dr. H.
5 2009 Acoustical analysis of substitution voices: tracheoesophageal voicing compared to a voice-producing element Clinical evaluation of an analysis program for strongly irregular voices ...
Wiersma, A.L. Moerman, M.
6 2019 Unlikely tales: On the possibility for mythic truth in Chesterton and Heidegger
Loon, D.M. van Ziche, P.G.
7 2019 Dissociation and Exemplarity. Proposing a Mathematical Alternative to Heideggerian Questioning
Napel, R.D. ten Jong, Dr. J.E. de, Ziche, Prof. dr. P.G.
8 2017 A Stoic Criticism of Modern Value Attribution
Janssen, M.T.M. Ziche, P.G.
9 2019 Christian Wolff on Perfection and Ars Inveniendi
Munk, J.S. Ziche, P.G.
10 2018 The Dutch Enlightenment: The reception of Kant in learned societies in the Netherlands between 1780 and 1820
Ekkelenkamp, M.B. Ziche, P.G.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 2082 pag. 12 3 4 5 6