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1 2017 Reading Middle Dutch Chivalric Romance: A Quantitative Analysis of the Reception Mode
Terwisscha van Scheltinga, M.A. Brandsma, F.P.C.
2 2017 Magic in Context. An analysis of dr. John Dee's Libri Mysteriorum Quinque as an entry point for Sixteenth-Century Magic and its Medieval Roots.
Bouman, F. van Genderen, A.J.
3 2017 Wy willen dit kindeken wermen met onser minnen gloet: A multidisciplinary approach to inner performance and experience in Late Medieval devout songs
Hoff, R.A. van der Poel, D.E.
4 2017 Reaching for Divinity. The Role of Herakles in Relation to Dexiosis
Plasschaert, F.A.E. Strootman, R.
5 2017 From quack to devil-worshipper. Magic, heresy, and justice in Late Medieval Utrecht (1322 - c. 1528)
Ark, D. van Hoven van Genderen, A.J. van den
6 2017 The Diet of the Late Roman Army: An Exploration of the Menu of Roman Soldiers at the Frontier of the Roman Empire
Doppenberg, R.M. Rutgers, L.V.
7 2017 Visualising the enemy:The visual languages of the columns of Trajan and Marcus Aurelius and their artistic representation of Rome’s barbarian enemies
Borne, L.C.P. van den Stevens, S.L.M., Strootman, R.
8 2017 Vierfache Deutung weltlicher und kirchlicher Mariengedichte: Ein Vergleich des Marienleichs und des Ave Maris Stella
Busse, W.F.E. Mostert, M.
9 2017 Quod omnium nationum exterarum princeps Sicilia: A reappraisal of the socio-economic history of Sicily under the Roman Republic, 241-44 B.C.
Grijspaardt, T.P. dr. R. Strootman, Prof. dr. L.V. Rutgers
10 2017 Deabus et Dis Communibus
Weij, A. van der Strootman, R., Rutgers, L.V.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 76 pag. 12 3 4 5 6