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1 2018 Identifying Myth - The korai of the Erechtheion
Poldervaart, L.L.M.E. Blok, Prof. Dr. J.H., van den Eijnde, Dr. Floris
2 2018 Rhetoric or Reform: Investigating the role of monks within the pastoral care of the laity at Winchester during the tenth-century Benedictine Reform
Crowther, N. Rhijn, C. van
3 2017 Reading Middle Dutch Chivalric Romance: A Quantitative Analysis of the Reception Mode
Terwisscha van Scheltinga, M.A. Brandsma, F.P.C.
4 2017 Magic in Context. An analysis of dr. John Dee's Libri Mysteriorum Quinque as an entry point for Sixteenth-Century Magic and its Medieval Roots.
Bouman, F. van Genderen, A.J.
5 2017 Wy willen dit kindeken wermen met onser minnen gloet: A multidisciplinary approach to inner performance and experience in Late Medieval devout songs
Hoff, R.A. van der Poel, D.E.
6 2017 Reaching for Divinity. The Role of Herakles in Relation to Dexiosis
Plasschaert, F.A.E. Strootman, R.
7 2017 From quack to devil-worshipper. Magic, heresy, and justice in Late Medieval Utrecht (1322 - c. 1528)
Ark, D. van Hoven van Genderen, A.J. van den
8 2017 The Diet of the Late Roman Army: An Exploration of the Menu of Roman Soldiers at the Frontier of the Roman Empire
Doppenberg, R.M. Rutgers, L.V.
9 2017 Visualising the enemy:The visual languages of the columns of Trajan and Marcus Aurelius and their artistic representation of Rome’s barbarian enemies
Borne, L.C.P. van den Stevens, S.L.M., Strootman, R.
10 2017 Vierfache Deutung weltlicher und kirchlicher Mariengedichte: Ein Vergleich des Marienleichs und des Ave Maris Stella
Busse, W.F.E. Mostert, M.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 78 pag. 12 3 4 5 6