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jaar Document Auteur(s) Supervisor
1 2017 Integriteit in publieke organisaties
Dutij, M.A. Sauer, Hanno
2 2017 Mores leren. Over welke ethische competenties moeten studenten bachelor-verpleegkunde bij afstuderen beschikken?
Beckeringh, G. Hoven, M. van den
3 2017 In Search of a Value-Free Justification for Intervention in Cases of Genocide: Overcoming Issues of Relativism and National Self-Determination
Impelen, N.H. van Philips, Jos
4 2017 The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Moral Duty of Guaranteeing Access to Medicine: An Exploratory Study
Schouten, G.G. S. Werkhoven, M. van den Hoven
5 2017 Why issues of societal concern morally oblige business corporations to be political
Cohen Stuart, A. Claassen, R.J.G., de Maagt, S.
6 2009 The roots of the supply chain : The responsibilities of corporations when obtaining a license to operate on indigenous lands
Opijnen, Marjon L. van Meijboom, Franck
7 2016 In Defense of Limitarianism
Battaglini, C.G.T.A. Robeyns, Ingrid
8 2016 Smart, agentic, but objects nonetheless: A vision of human and object agency in the future Internet of Things
Heide, L. van der Steenbergen, N. van
9 2017 Are NGOs Illegitimate Regulators? The Case of the Fair Finance Guide and the Role of Deliberation
Berkenbosch, N. Sauer, H.
10 2016 Severe childhood obesity and state interventions: seeking ethical guidance in three principals
Duijne, F. van Bolt, Ineke
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 118 pag. 12 3 4 5 6