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1 2012 Abortion and Ambivalence in America: Is the Moral Theory behind Personhood Justified?
Espinoza, C.M. Bolt, I.
2 2012 People vs. Wildlife A pragmatic approach to environmental decision making
Breslau, D.J. van Bovenkerk, B.
3 2012 Capability Approach, Poverty and Development
Morgan, S.K. Verweij, M
4 2012 Disabled Desires? - About Individuals with Severe Mental Impairments and the Human Right to Sexuality
Aust, A.M. Bolt, L.L.E., Harnacke, C.
5 2012 Right to Migrate & 'Brain Drain'
Nadezhkina, A. Verweij, M., Palm, E.
6 2011 Should moral case deliberation be part of clinical practice? A review of certain assumptions within the concept of moral case deliberation
Spiess, I. Verweij, Marcel
7 2010 Relational Autonomy and the Right Not to Know Debate
Barlevy, D. Hoven, Mariette van den
8 2010 The Social Dimension of Informed Consent Procedure in Bioethics: A Kantian Interpretation
Kao, Y. Verweij, Marcel