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jaar Document Auteur(s) Supervisor
1 2017 Fiamminghi in the workshop of Guglielmo della Porta
Wiringa, M.D. Schmidt, V.M., Scholten, F.T.
2 2017 The Vermeer exhibition of 1935. A 21st-century assessment of his blockbuster debut
Rinnooy Kan, J.E.I. Schmidt, dr. V.M., Hecht, prof. dr. P.A.
3 2017 Gravity and Art - The hidden phenomenon of gravity in pictorial representation
Meessen, M.S. Stumpel, Prof. dr. J.F.H.J., Dupré, Prof. dr. S.G.M.
4 2017 Supplying the demand. An interpretation of the phenomenon of early Netherlandish copies after Hugo van der Goes
Vries, N. de Schmidt, V.M., Kemperdick, S.
5 2017 Far(-fetched) voyages? How to explain the foreign elements in Jan van Eyck's paintings
Slob, M. Schmidt, V.M., Borchert, T-H.
6 2017 A lasting Impression. An analysis of the etchings of Willem Witsen (1860-1923) by means of his cultural context, character and artistry.
Herik, D. van den Bodt, S. F. M. de
7 2008 Lucas van Leyden's artistic presence in Italy: the influence of his engravings on Italian contemporaries
Dijk, Corinne van Bueren, Truus van
8 2008 Aert Mijtens (1556-1601): a painter from Brussels in Naples and the Spanish Viceroyalty between 1575 - 1600
Osnabrugge, M. Meijer, B.
9 2007 Entertaining genre of Matthijs Naiveu : depicting festivities and performances at the dawn of the 'Theatre Age'
Dzidzaria, Adele-Marie Ekkart, Rudi
10 2007 A Space for Sculpture: or the activation of space in 20th century sculpture
Keywords: sculpture, space
Brom, Rogier Alexander Martis, Adi
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 63 pag. 12 3 4 5 6