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1 2017 Combining Lexicon-based and Deep Learning-based methods for automated emotion analysis of newspaper articles in Dutch
Lorato, L. Meyer, J-J.Ch.
2 2018 An Empirical Analysis of Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization
Hoek, J. van Vreeswijk, dr. G.A.W.
3 2017 EXTRACTIVE SUMMARIZATION USING SENTENCE EMBEDDINGS: Automatic summarization of news articles at Blendle
Haas, L.M. de Feelders, A.J.
4 2017 Further Integration Of Emotions Into An Agent's Decision Making Process: A Proposal For A Modular Emotion Integration Architecture For The Purpose Of Model Comparison And Flexibility ...
Keywords: agent, emotion
Kalkman, K.M. Broersen, J.M., Meyer, J.J.C.
5 2017 Decoding motion prediction using EEG pattern classification
Spronck, L.A. Hogendoorn, J.H.A., Feelders, A.J.
6 2017 Evaluating Navigation Paths and Improving Performance in Educational Virtual Worlds
Haan, J. de Dignum, F
7 2017 Sensitivity Analysis in Bayesian networks with Mixtures of Truncated Base Functions
Koppenberg, T.A. Renooij, S.
8 2017 Introducing Culture in the Multi-party Virtual Dialogue System
Obolenskiy, A. Dignum, Dr. F. P. M., Yumak, Dr. Z.
9 2017 Character-level Neural Architectures for Jointly Predicting Word Alignments and Word-internal Structure in Morphologically Complex Languages
Bijl de Vroe, S.G.C. Aziz, Dr. W.F., Nouwen, Dr. R., Odijk, Prof. Dr. J.E.J.M.
10 2017 Global models and local patterns for crime prediction from weather data
Baas, J. Feelders, A. J.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 168 pag. 12 3 4 5 6