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jaar Document Auteur(s) Supervisor
1 2017 Sensitivity Analysis in Bayesian networks with Mixtures of Truncated Base Functions
Koppenberg, T.A. Renooij, S.
2 2017 Introducing Culture in the Multi-party Virtual Dialogue System
Obolenskiy, A. Dignum, Dr. F. P. M., Yumak, Dr. Z.
3 2017 Character-level Neural Architectures for Jointly Predicting Word Alignments and Word-internal Structure in Morphologically Complex Languages
Bijl de Vroe, S.G.C. Aziz, Dr. W.F., Nouwen, Dr. R., Odijk, Prof. Dr. J.E.J.M.
4 2017 Global models and local patterns for crime prediction from weather data
Baas, J. Feelders, A. J.
5 2017 Repeatability in simulation of large-scale agent-based social behavior
Lubbertsen, K.J.M. Dastani, M.M., Dignum, F.P.M.
6 2017 Automated bidding in bridge using neural networks
Westerbeek, R. Vreeswijk, G.A.W.
7 2017 How does one coordinate with others? Using computational cognitive models to investigate the emergence of social norms.
Nunner, H. Janssen, C,P., Przepiorka, W., te Pas, S.
8 2017 Towards Explaining Neural Networks
Chen, Y. Feelders, dr. A.J., Pauwels, dr. E.J.E.M.
9 2017 Text Classification of Dutch police records
Brandenburg, M. Siebes, A.P.J.M., Feelders, A.J.
10 2017 Foramina Localization - Semantic Segmentation of Neural Foramina on Lumbar Spine MRIs with Convolutional Neural Networks
Lamerigts, K. Feelders, dr. A.J.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 162 pag. 12 3 4 5 6