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jaar Document Auteur(s) Supervisor
1 2017 (A) Change Society A collaborative research into the possibilities of changing the society through participatory theatre.
Delsasso, J. van Erven, Eugene
2 2017 A Research into the Evaluation of Community Art Policy concerning Social, Artistic and Economic Values in the Municipality of Utrecht
Pierce, T.A. Minnaert, A.J.C.
3 2017 The New Creative Class Crisis: A Critical Review of Creative Class Theory
Rakestraw, A.K. Hubbard, E.A
4 2017 Give Me A Brain: Deleuze and the Ethics of Thinking in the Essay Film and Believing in This World
Polson, N.L.C. Hubbard, Dr. Edward
5 2017 Contemporary European Art Images of Asylum Seekers: From Case Studies to Issues of Representation
Busnach, Z. Hubbard, Edward Akintola, Van Erven, Eugene
6 2017 Arts in Society, an Alternative Option From the Periphery
Beunis, E. Erven, prof. dr. E.A.P.B. van
7 2017 Museums and Visitors as Yin and Yang: Applying Taoist Philosophy to Museum Studies
Liu, J. Hubbard, E.
8 2017 The conceptual notion of “the streets” in graffiti and street art: A search for its role, meaning, and characteristics in the city of Utrecht.
Alexiou, C. Hubbard, Dr. Edward
9 2017 How Are Members of the Audio-Visual Creative Labour Market Silently Facilitating Precarious Work Conditions? An analysis of how neoliberalism, digitisation, and globalisation impacts t ...
Mc Pherson, J.A. Minnaert, A.J.C., Hubbard, E.A.
10 2017 Producing for the Anthropocene: the Creative Producer as contemporary environmentalist
Armstrong, K.I. Hubbard, dr. E. A.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 12 pag. 12