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1 2013 Investigating Chromium, Manganese, Calcium and Nickel Abundances in SN1604
Posoiu, M.A. Vink, Jacco
2 2013 Binary population models of CVs: post thermal timescale mass transfer CVs
Wijnen, T.P.G. Pols, O.R.
3 2012 A new polarimetric investigation of the atmosphere of Venus
Einarsen, L.J. Rodenhuis, M.
4 2012 iSPEX: measure aerosols with your smartphone
Keywords: iSPEX
Heikamp, S. Snik, F.
5 2012 Design and Performance Analysis of the Poly-polarimeter
Diamantopoulou, S. Keller, C.U.
6 2012 A systematic search for near-infrared counterparts to ultraluminous X-ray sources
Kool, E.C. Verbunt, Frank, Jonker, Peter
7 2012 Magnetars: in search for a pulsar wind nebula
Jongman, K. Vink, J.
8 2012 Remote sensing of atmospheric aerosols with the Spectropolarimeter for Planetary EXploration (SPEX)
Boer, J. de Keller, C. U., Snik, F., Harten, G. van, Hasekamp, O. P.
9 2012 The evolution of coeval stellar hierarchical triple systems
Hamers, A.S. Pols, O.R., Nelemans, G.
10 2012 Rotational Raman Scattering in Exoplanet Atmospheres
Baartmans, A. Snik, F., Stam, D.M.