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1 2013 High resolution paleoclimatic study linking the Aegean Sea to Eastern Mediterranean Holocene records
Filippidi, A. de Lange, G.J.
2 2013 Onset of the Mid-Miocene Climatic Optimum: inferences from stable isotopes on benthic foraminifera at ODP Site 1264 in the southern Atlantic
Saes, M.J.M. Lourens, L, Beddow, H
3 2013 Phase relations between orbital forcing and climate response in the equatorial Atlantic between 9 and 10 Ma.
Jonge, J.A.J. de Hilgen, F.J., Zeeden, C.
4 2013 Meridional overturning circulation and sea surface productivity in the Arabian Sea
Brombacher, J.F.A. Reichart, G.-J., Nooijer, L. de
5 2013 Climate and oceanography of the Tasmanian Gateway during the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum (MECO)
Woelders, L. Sluijs, A., Bijl, P.K.
6 2013 How dry was the Messinian Salinity Crisis? - a molecular biogeochemical study of the Eraclea Minoa (Sicily) section, Italy -
Mezger, E.M. Reichart, G.J., Vasiliev, I.
7 2012 Late Miocene and early Pliocene productivity, temperature and upwelling in the Eastern Eqautorial Pacific
Veenstra, T.J.T. Sluijs, A., Schouten, S.
8 2012 High resolution foraminiferal constraints on paleobathymetry during a Late Quaternary transgressive-regressive sequence.
Schee, E. van der Lourens, L.J., Richaud, M.
9 2012 Oreodonts of the White River Badlands of North-America
Gilein, L. Wessels, W., Reumer, J.
10 2012 Hydraulic jumps in turbidity currents - flume experiments
Walet, J.J. Postma, G., Cartigny, M.J.B.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 32 pag. 12 3 4