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1 2012 Can vascularization and embryonic development be used as cartilage defect repair mechanisms?
Miedema, L.F. Gawlitta, D.
2 2015 Scratching beneath the surface: the Pathogenic Role of Staphylococcal Superantigens in Atopic Dermatitis
Brouwer, L.M.W. de Dr. Knol, Dr. Hijnen
3 2015 Rearrangement of the JC-virus genome - The transformation from a benign type to a PML virus
Aalderink, M. Murk, J.L.A.
4 2015 Molecular composition of the intercalated disc: consequences for pro-arrhythmia
Vermij, S.H. Veen, A.A.B. van, Rijen, H.V.M. van
5 2015 Anti-microbial peptides in inflammatory bowel disease
Hoeve, A.L. ten Veldhuizen, E.J.A., Haagsman, H.P.
6 2015 Neurological effects of endocrine therapy in the treatment of breast cancer
Ladan, B.P. Oosting, R.S.
7 2015 Reviewing seasonal child vaccination against influenza: An evaluation of the pros and cons
Munting, L.P. van Beek, Josine
8 2014 Natural Killer T cells and their functions in atherosclerosis and obesity: a therapeutic perspective for cardiovascular diseases
Vrugt, A.M. van de Kalkhoven, E.
9 2014 Cortical thinning during normal development and in schizophrenia
Kooy, D.C. Hulshoff-Pol, H.E.
10 2014 Non-HLA antibody associated rejection in solid organ transplantation
Krebber, M.M. Zuilen, A.D. van, Otten, H.G.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 136 pag. 12 3 4 5 6