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1 2017 The Myth of the Product Visionary: How Successful Entrepreneurs Reason in their Business Plan
Velzeboer, J.P.I. Jansen, Slinger
2 2017 Increasing MOOC Completion Rates Through Adaptive Learning: A Case Study
Cooten, C.H. van Brinkhuis, Matthieu
3 2017 Towards a solution for improving the performance of model transformations inModel-Driven Development
Smolders, B.T. Jansen, R.L., van der Werf, J.M.E.M
4 2017 Care Mining: An application of Process Mining in Value-Based Healthcare
Sewradj, R.S. Askari, M., Werf, J.M. van der
5 2017 Text Mining in Financial Industry: Implementing Text Mining Techniques on Bank Policies
Ferati, D. Spruit, Marco, Brinkhuis, Matthieu
6 2017 Methodological Support for Task Coordination in Global Software Engineering Projects at Product Software Companies
Carolus Borromeus Widiyatmoko, . Overbeek, Sietse J., Brinkkemper, Sjaak
7 2017 A Framework to Support the Implementation of Business Rules Management Solutions
Leewis, S. Ruiz, M., Brinkkemper, S.
8 2017 Complaint Handling at the Dutch National Police
Kos, W.H. Bex, F.J.
9 2017 REVV: A tool to create a better understanding of software requirements through Information Visualization and NLP
Schalk, I.L. van der Dalpiaz, Fabiano, Lucassen, Garm
10 2017 MASCOTS: Mapping security mechanisms to socio-technical requirements
Trávníček, O. Dalpiaz, F., Overbeek, S.J.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 225 pag. 12 3 4 5 6