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1 2018 Ontological Traceability for Software
Martens, S.W.F. Brinkkemper, S.
2 2018 Contrastive Explanation for Machine Learning
Robeer, M.J. Brinkhuis, M.J.S., Werf, J.M.E.M. van der
3 2018 A graph-based approach to capture software behavior in architecture
Ipskamp, T.G.C. Werf, J.M.E.M. van der, Hage, J.
4 2018 The Effect of Regulated Techstandard Introduction on a Business Ecosystem.
Joosten, R. Jansen, Dr. R.L., Elloumi, Dr. L., Verkooij, K.
5 2018 A Decision Support System for Blockchain Platform Selection
Verkleij, J.R.Q. Jansen, S., Espana Cubillo, S.
6 2018 Towards an Adaptive Focus Area Maturity Model For Information Security Assessments at SMEs
Wondolleck, R.C.A. Spruit, Marco, Burriel Coll, Verónica
7 2018 Health Vulnerabilities in Software Ecosystems: Five Cases of Dying Platforms
Soussi, L. Jansen, S., Espana Cubillo, S.
8 2018 Strategic decision support with ecosystem modeling
Visee, Y. Jansen, S
9 2018 Exploring Ethics in Requirements Engineering
Aberkane, A. Aydemir, F.B., Dalpiaz, F.
10 2018 Designing a method for integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into the organizational and ICT dimensions
Sie, A.B. España Cubillo, S., Ruiz, M.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 278 pag. 12 3 4 5 6