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1 2008 Balancing Acts. Comparing political and cultural unification and persistence in the Roman Empire during the Principate and the Western Han Empire
Custers, Margot Strootman, Rolf
2 2008 City Reformations. A Comparative Historical Analysis of the success of city reformations in sixteenth century Western Europe
Stigter, Robert Spaans, Jo, Prak, Maarten
3 2008 "Here was the promised land" . Nineteenth century migration to the United States: a comparative study of three ethnic groups
Keywords: migration
Heijkoop, Sophie Prak, Maarten, Verheul, Jaap
4 2008 The sphinx's riddle of the nineteenth century. The labour question and socialism in the United States, the Netherlands and Spain
Keywords: socialism, labour
Rijks, Marlise Heerma van Voss, Lex
5 2008 The Importance of Institutionalised Education for Economic Growth
Carmichael, S.G. Zanden, Jan Luiten van
6 2008 The Failure of a Revolution
Keywords: 1848, Revolution
Cleven, Willem Haan, Ido de
7 2008 Socialism with a human and a nationalist face: a comparison of Czechoslovakia and Romania in the 1960s and 1970s
Kroon, Helene Prak, Maarten, Pekelder, Jacco
8 2008 Women's Emancipation in the Middle East
Kroese, Eljosha Landman, Nico, Prak, Maarten
9 2008 A Comparative Research between Phenomenons of Chinaization and Americanization : why does Chinese Culture have a Limited Influence in Hong Kong and Japan?
Chiu, Chih-Yang Kroes, Rob
10 2008 The structure of society in medieval Vecht and Venen. A causal analysis of a comparison of the structure of society in De Ronde Venen and on the old land along the southern course of t ...
Hengst, E. Bavel, B. van, Prak, M.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 51 pag. 12 3 4 5 6