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1 2009 Stress-Factors in Seeking a Medical Abortion in Countries with Restricted Safe Abortion Access: A Cross-Cultural Qualitative Analysis Focused on Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, and t ...
Keywords: abortion, misoprostol
Davies, Susan Wekker, Gloria
2 2008 Diversity Management and Otherness-Politics: Organising (with) Difference
Eijk, T.J.K. van Tuin, I. van der
3 2008 Radical to Raunch: Articulating and Anticipating Contemporary Lesbian Feminism, an Analysis of Levy’s Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture
Linden, M. Åsberg, C.
4 2007 Stitch and Split: Feminist Alternatives to Frankensteinian Myths in Shelley Jackson’s "Patchwork Girl"
Baren, Annabel Margaret van Åsberg, Cecilia, Just, Edyta
5 2007 Facing Difference: A Comparative Visual Study of the Face-motif in Art Photography and Historical Studies of Physiognomy
Backx, Quirijn Asberg, Cecilia
6 2007 Beyond the "Oppressed Veiled Muslim Woman": Breaking Barriers, Bridging Differences and Creating Dialogues
Hasan, Nadia Lastiani Aasberg, Cecilia
7 2006 Of Angels and Heroes, An intersectional reflection on the relationship of a social worker with a client within two social work paradigms
Felten, Johanna Catherina Martina Wekker, Gloria, Waaldijk, Berteke
8 2005 Artistic Pathways--Transiting Borders, Transforming Lives Poetics of Knowledge: Creating Feminist Art
Bieri, Luisa Wekker, Gloria, Braidotti, R.
9 2016 Intersectionalizing Biopolitics: On the Crossroads of HIV/AIDS, race and gender in the Netherlands
Kountouri Tsiami, E. Christine Quinan, Domitilla Olivieri
10 2014 Slavery and abolitionism± a Dutch history through intersectionally explored stories
Sprangers, E.C.J. Andeweg, Agnes
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 81 pag. 12 3 4 5 6