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1 2017 When making peace is more difficult than making war: The reproduction of everyday peace in post-agreement Medellín, Colombia
Zoest, E.J. van Gould, Dr. Lauren
2 2017 ‘Us’ and ‘Them’? How a massive influx of refugees from Syria resulted in the establishment of a new social order, which helped to minimize conflict in the conflict prone contex ...
Bosch, M. Fumerton, dr. M
3 2017 Masculinities in Conflict: A research about the affected masculine identities of Syrian refugees
Krabbe, B.M.J. Frerks, G.
4 2017 You are either at the table or on the menu: How transnational governmentality shapes the struggle for cessation affecting Rwandan refugees in Nakivale, Uganda.
Waart, S. van der Gould, L.M.
5 2017 Commemorating Exclusion: Violent Imaginaries and the Maintenance of a War Mood in Azerbaijan
Anderson, C.R. Gould, L.M.
6 2017 Collective action without groups: A case study of youth activism, fragmentation and political identification in Jordan
Soudagar, R. Demmers, J.
7 2017 Shadows in the Sahel: A Study on the Convergence of Organized Crime and Insurgency in Mali since 2013
Gorkom, T. van Fumerton, Dr. M.A.
8 2017 Redefining violence: The securitisation and desecuritisation of farm attacks in post-Apartheid South Africa.
Kerkvliet, R. Van der Borgh, C
9 2017 The Indonesian Past in the Present; An Exploration of the Manifestations and Implications of the Culture of Fear which was Created and Recreated during Suharto’s New Order Regime ...
Dijk, N.F. van Frerks, Georg
10 2017 El Pastor del No
Matser, J.S. Sprenkels, Ralph
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 279 pag. 12 3 4 5 6