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jaar Document Auteur(s) Supervisor
1 2017 Dance Digital Documentation: An Enhanced Approach to a Work’s Memory through Choreographic Resources
Mohanty, S. Georgelou, Konstantina
2 2017 Time to lose: The political potential of duration in postdramatic performance
Itsiou, V. Georgelou, K.
3 2017 A Perspectival Play - The Use of Video Design by Ivo van Hove
Marée, L. Kattenbelt, C., Groot Nibbelink, L.
4 2017 The Post-Apocalyptic Body Lens: An exploration of the perceptual re-imagination of the body through repetition
Grinberg, N. Georgelou, K.
5 2017 Borrowers and Lenders: Exploring Contemporary Intercultural Theatre in Francophone West Africa
López Piñón, F.J. Georgelou, K.
6 2017 Not to be Human: Understanding Movements and Interactions made by Technological Non-Human Performers in a Theatre Setting
Griffioen, T.S. Karreman, L.L.
7 2017 Performing the City’s Past. The Performative Perspective on the Collective Memory of the Reconstruction Period in Rotterdam.
Wilt, N. van der Groot Nibbelink, L.W