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1 2018 Business Rules Management Systems
Velzen, R.M.C. van Eijk, R.M. van, Bex, F.J.
2 2018 Increasing User Adherence and Motivation in an e-Health Anxiety Treatment Protocol
Ekelschot, K.M. Beun, R.J., Batenburg, R.S.
3 2013 A social robot as a means to motivate and support diabetic children in keeping a diary
Drift, E.J.G. van der Beun, R.J., Batenburg, R.S.
4 2013 User behavior in video content exploration: How people discover, search and find TV content
Hulman, J.J.H. Prüst, H.H.A.M., Beun, R.J., Bruikman, H.
5 2012 Information nodes in the Dutch security sector Finding problems and opportunities when facilitating inter-organizational information exchange
Diender, B.B. Beun, R.J.
6 2012 Team task allocation support by using the human body as a sensor. Real-time estimated stress of team members as input for decision support for military commanders
Steen, C.E. van der Beun, R.J., Prüst, H.H.A.M.
7 2012 Information security in Dutch hospitals
Wirken, G.P.J.W.F. Wiering, F., Spruit, M.R.
8 2012 A Framework for Usability Evaluation of Mobile Mixed Reality Games
Gielkens, C. Oostendorp, H. van, Nimwegen, C. van, Wetzel, R