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1 2017 For God and Country: The Multi-faceted Identity of Christian University Students in Multicultural Malaysia
Toren, M.J. van den, Bruijn, I. Brinke, S.S., ten, Krah, E.F.M.
2 2017 The Ideal Future: Farming Practices of Family Grape Farmers in Postsocialist Macedonia
Kooiman, S. Robben, A.C.G.M., Kruijf, J.G., de
3 2017 “Global Climate Change: Local Perceptions”: An Ethnographic Study of Climate Change Discourses and Perceptions in Dumaguete, Central Philippines.
Segeren, R. Koonings, C.G., Kruijf, J.G., de
4 2017 Sports and Cultural Associations and the Historical Memory of the Guanches in Tenerife, Canary Islands
Zorcu, N.M. Robben, A.C.G.M., Kruijf, J.G>, de
5 2017 Island belonging: constructing home in the ethnically diverse community of Christmas Island, Australia
Verhage, M. Roekel, E., van, Kruijf, J.G., de
6 2017 Between continuity and change: constructions of belonging in a small town in southern France
Vreugdenhil, M.E. Kruijf, J.G., de, Roekel, E., van
7 2017 Layers of Love; Interracial Relationships in Georgetown, Guyana
Haigh, L.A. Kruijf, J.G., de, Koonings, C.G.
8 2017 The Interrogative Gaze
Düker, J. Robben, A.C.G.M., Kruijf, J.G., de
9 2017 The Function of Music in a Migratory Context: The Ethnic Identity of Iranian Graduate Students in Vancouver
Saadat, T.J. Kruijf, J.G., de, Koonings, C.G.
10 2017 Learning to Love: Change and Continuity of Upper-Middle Class Marital Practices in an Arranged Marriage Society
Prudon, H.H.M. Kruijf, J.G., de, Koonings, C.G.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 81 pag. 12 3 4 5 6