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jaar Document Auteur(s) Supervisor
1 2018 Underwater: An ethnographic account of the relationship between bank and business owner in the aftermath of interest rate derivative sales
Valkenburg, S.J. Faaij, W.S., Raven, D.W.
2 2017 Framing Frames - An ethnography of the process of visual representation in Kibera
Kappers, A. Pijl, I.H. van der, Raven, D.W.
3 2017 Live-action Role-playing: The coalescence of Fantasy and Reality
Kleuver, X.S. de Lauwers, L.C.J.H.
4 2017 Negotiating Belongings in a post-Brexit landscape
Reeves, C.H. van Gijsel, M.
5 2017 The Role of Journalistic Objectivity: Ethnography of the Kenyan Print Media in a Field Perspective
Zijl, J.E. van van der Pijl, I.H., Eijkemans, Y.A.M.J.
6 2017 City Makers as the frontrunners of a new democracy
Zeeuw, A.M. de van Gijsel, M.
7 2017 Emotions and Interconnectedness of the Body Healings of Holistic Therapy in The Netherlands
Zande, K.M. van der van Gijsel, M.
8 2017 A day in the life of.. The gendered citizenship of women in Mérida, Mexico
Wassenburg, K.A.W.F. Cremers, G.
9 2017 SPADING THE FIELD: REVEALING SOCIETAL LACKS THROUGH SOCIAL INNOVATIVE PRACTICE. A study of urban agriculture initiatives in Utrecht, the Netherlands
Walstra, V.R. Jara Gomez, F.I.
10 2017 A Time for Change
Thomas, A.J.C. Jara Gomez, F.I.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 79 pag. 12 3 4 5 6