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1 2017 Female travel narrative and the performance of gender 1717-2017. An investigation of the Pre modern and Post digital adventuresses and their platforms of connectivity.
Maxwell, G.A. Gillett, Dr Rachel
2 2017 The Patarei Sea Fort: Perspectives on Heritage, Memory, and Identity Politics in post-Soviet Estonia
Novak, O. Plets, G.F.J.
3 2017 In what way does the West respond to heritage destructions in Syria and Iraq by ISIS and how does this relate to the concepts of Postcolonialism and the Authorized Heritage Discourse? ...
Voren, R.J.M. van Plets, G.F.J.
4 2017 Terug naar de Grens: Kansen en knelpunten van erfgoedbeheer en nationale beeldvorming rond de Romeinse limes in Nederland
Zwart, H.A. Plets, G.
5 2017 Englishness in film: Constructions of English identity and ‘Englishness’ reflected in films about Winston Churchill
Linckens, F.A.N. Hung, Jochen
6 2017 “Really, Really, Real” The Globalization of Kendrick Lamar and the Transcultural Conceptualization of Hiphop Culture and the African-American Experience
Hilkens, B.F.M. Gillett, Rachel
7 2017 Spaces of National Culture in Imperial Germany. Baedeker Guidebooks of the North, South and Rhineland, 1871-1914.
Miller, M.K. Hung, Jochen
8 2017 Tourism and imperialism in the Dutch East Indies: Guidebooks of the Vereeniging Toeristenverkeer in the late colonial era (1908-1939)
Meulendijks, J.C. Gillett, R.A.
9 2017 Chance, Change, and the Sticusa. On the nature of Cultural Cooperation between the Sticusa and Suriname
Molenberg, B.C. Schilling, B
10 2017 The Image and Experience of the Dutch Golden Age. Museum Apps in the Rijksmuseum and Amsterdam Museum.
Bemelmans, A.C. Hung, J.B.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 19 pag. 12