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1 2017 The national environment and adolescent physical activity: a multilevel study in 29 European countries
Weinberg, D.W. Stevens, G., Eijnden, R. van den
2 2017 Cross-Generational Coalitions in Post-Divorce Families: Associations with Internalizing Problems, Interparental Conflicts, and Gender in Adolescence
Vrolijk, P. Valk, I. van der, Branje, S.
3 2017 Cross-national variation in gender inequality and associations with adolescent internalising and externalising behaviour
Tel, H.J.J. Stevens, G., Vollebergh, W.
4 2017 Prosocial Behaviour in Preschoolers: A Cross-Country Comparison Between India and the Netherlands
Malhotra, S. Dubas, J., Thomaes, S.
5 2017 The Association between Parenting Behaviors and Toddlers’ Cognitive and Communication Skills: A Comparison between Ethnic Groups
Labuschagne, J.E. Baar, A. van, Bodden, D.
6 2017 Dynamic Moderators of Parent-Training Intervention Effects in Mothers Being Released from Incarceration and their Children
Koper, N. Menting, A.T.A., Orobio de Castro, B.
7 2017 Parental divorce and children’s adjustment: An updated meta-analysis
Hollander, E. den Valk, I. van der, Branje, S.
8 2017 The Role of Treatment Processes in Treatment for Children with MBID: Treatment Adherence and Observed Therapist Alliance
Herwaarden, A.A.M. van Schuiringa, H., Orobio de Castro, B.
9 2017 Adolescent substance use trajectories in relation to internalizing problems in young adulthood: The role of friendship quality
Delden, A.J. van Branje, S., Valk, I. van der
10 2017 Mother-adolescent conflict interaction sequences: The role of maternal emotional functioning
Bommel, D.M.H. van Branje, S.J.T., Graaff, J. van der
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 32 pag. 12 3 4