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1 2016 The sources of me: A test of the Need Fulfillment Model of Authenticity in adolescents’ everyday life.
Bos, P.H. van den Thomaes, S., Reijntjes, A.
2 2016 Validation of the Space-Time Budget Method in Criminology
Halem, S. van ter Bogt, Tom
3 2015 Inter-individual differences in reward processing among children with attention problems: A latent class analysis.
Selten, I.S. Hulst, B. van, Orobio de Castro, B., Beek, Y. van
4 2015 A Longitudinal Study of Conflict Awareness and Maladjustment in Adolescence: The Roles of Parent-Child Relationship and Sibling Support
Avery, A.C. Branje, S.J.T., Hale, W.
5 2015 Why is my child with attention problems different from other children with attention problems? Identifying homogenous subgroups of children with attention problems based on neurobiolog ...
Lecei, A. Hulst, B.M. van, Wied, M. de
6 2015 Early Pubertal Timing and Early Sexual Debut: The Role of Physical-Self Esteem and Family Relationships May
Bamidele, C.F. Eijnden, R. van den, Harakeh, Z.
7 2015 The Impact of Active and Passive Peer Discouragement on Adolescent Risk Taking: An Experimental Study
Boer, A. de Harakeh, Z., Vollebergh, W.
8 2015 Who am I? The dynamic socialization between autonomy supportive and controlling parent and peer behaviors and adolescents’ self-concept clarity.
Wouters, W. Graaff, J. van der, Branje, S., Hale, W.W.
9 2015 The Role of Protective Factors in Treatment Response: Exploring Subgroups in Participants’ Responses to Multisystemic Therapy
Mertens, E.C.A. Dekovic, M., Baar, A. van
10 2015 Girls Should Be Girls (and Boys Should Be?…). Gender-Specific Nonverbal Behavior as Predictor for Depressive Symptoms in Adolescence
Berg, A. Beek, Y. van, Orobio de Castro, B.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 84 pag. 12 3 4 5 6