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1 2018 The metamorphic evolution of the Eastern Granulites in the Tanzanian sector of the Mozambique Belt - Case study: Evidence from the Wami River Complex (Msata region)
Korevaar, S.M. de Bresser, Prof. Dr. J.H.P.
2 2018 High-resolution Short-wave Infrared (SWIR) hyperspectral characterisation of alteration at the Cortez Hills Carlin-Type Gold Deposit, Nevada, U.S.A.
Bevan, M.J.D. Mason, prof. dr. P. R. D., van Ruitenbeek, dr F. J. A.
3 2017 Potential for High Temperature-Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (HT-ATES) in the dutch subsurface
Tholen, J.W. Beekman, W.W.W.
4 2017 A workflow for the characterization of fracture networks from 3D reprocessed seismic data using non local means filter
Bijsterveldt, L.Q. van Beekman, W.W.W., Wees, J.D.A.M. van
5 2017 Why dating Lake Pannon sediments is a pain: contradictory magnetic polarities due to multiple generations of diagenetic greigite
Kelder, N.A. Krijgsman, W., Sant, K.
6 2018 Quantifying deformation-induced damage to understand permeability development in fractured claystones
Eeden, J.C.M. van Hangx, S.J.T., Houben, M.E.
7 2017 Petrological study of blueschist-facies rocks in the Afyon Zone, Central Turkey
Vegte, R.S. van der Plunder, A., Drury, M.
8 2016 A detailed structural investigation of Claritas Rise, Thaumasia Highlands, Mars: evidence for plate tectonics?
Soest, A.F. van Kate, I.L. ten, Flahaut, J.
9 2018 The metamorphic and structural evolution of Skopelos, Aegean region, Greece
Keywords: Skopelos
Créton, I.D.M. Willingshofer, Ernst, Sokoutis, Dimitrios
10 2018 A journey through two-dimensional subduction modelling
Laat, J.I. de Thieulot, C.A.P.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 179 pag. 12 3 4 5 6