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1 2017 Detailed Modelling of Carbonate Acidizing by Coupling a Multi-Purpose Pore-Network Simulator to the Chemistry Package PHREEQC – Application to Chelating Agents
Blonk, C. Raoof, Amir, Ameri, Amin
2 2017 Photogrammetry and in situ observations to produce high detailed geo-information of the Charonnier landslide
Haaster, S.W.M. van Jong, S.M. de, Beek, R. van
3 2017 Effects of land subsidence on regional groundwater flow in De Stichtse Rijnlanden (The Netherlands)
Lönsjö, E.M. Schotting, prof. dr. Ruud, Hoekstra, Msc. Jantine, van Hardeveld, drs. Henk
4 2017 Material properties and cover options using HYDRUS (2D/3D) for a large undrained sand dam in northern Alberta, Canada.
Goddard, M.L. Hassanizadeh, Majid, Mendoza, Carl
5 2017 Numerical Simulation of Near Wellbore Permeability Reduction Using Colloidal Silica Gel
Dallemagne, T.F.M. Schotting, R. J.
6 2017 A new methodology for measuring ice cliff backwasting rates on debris-covered glaciers using high-resolution unmanned aerial vehicle imagery
Busker, T.S. Immerzeel, W.W., Kraaijenbrink, P.D.A., Steiner, J. F.
7 2014 Reconstructing Holocene environmental conditions at a site on the Western Black Sea continental slope using high-resolution geochemical records of sediment cores.
Roepert, A. Slomp, C.P., Jilbert, T.S.
8 2017 Tracing organic carbon through the Godavari River basin (India) using plant waxes and stable isotopes
Concha Hernández, P.B. Kirkels, F.M.S.A., Peterse, F.
9 2017 Catchment-scale flood modeling using IMERG satellite based precipitation and WordView-2 imagery. A Case study of Les Cayes, South coast of Haiti.
Maass Morales, C.E. de Jong, S, Jetten, V
10 2017 Bend sorting of bed load in a rotating annular flume
Weisscher, S.A.H. Kleinhans, M.G., Baar, A.W.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 128 pag. 12 3 4 5 6