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1 2017 Formation of CaCO₃ nuclei: An in-depth research to measure the induction time of CaCO3-nucleii at different physicochemical conditions in aqueous environments
Seepma, S.Y.M.H. Wolthers, dr. M., Nehrke, dr. G., Behrends, dr. T.
2 2018 Spinel type – graphene based nanocomposites for the magnetically assisted removal of Hg(II) and As(III) species from different aqueous matrices
Groot, C.M. de Lopes, C.B., Hartog, N.
3 2017 Moraine derived debris supply and distribution on a Himalayan glacier
Woerkom, T.A.A. van Immerzeel, W. W., Steiner, J. F., Kraaijenbrink, P.D.A.
4 2018 Constructing 3D variable-density grondwater flow models for six deltas using global data sets
Mulder, T. Oude Essink, Gualbert, Bierkens, Marc
5 2017 Effect of contour bunds on surface runoff and soil erosion in the Bokole watershed, Southwest Ethiopia
Roos, S. de van Beek, dr. L.P.H.
6 2018 Numerical modelling of the ultra-deep geothermal energy potential in the subsurface of Amersfoort
Schakel, S. Schotting, R.J.
7 2017 Monitoring and modelling of irrigation practices and its effect on catchment hydrology for fragmented landscapes
Hoekstra, E. Vogels, M. F. A., Addink, E. A.
8 2016 Experimental and numerical investigation of non-linear flow behaviour during FHVI
Dirkx, W.J. Schotting, R.J., Lopik, J.H. van
9 2017 Impact of contour soil bunds on soil moisture conservation and crop yield in the Bokole watershed, southwestern Ethiopia
Erven, I.W.F. van Beek, L.P.H.
10 2017 Dispersivity-saturation relationship in a lab-scale soil column
Broekhuizen, L. van Raoof, Amir
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 144 pag. 12 3 4 5 6