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1 2016 Application and validation of Na/Ca as a proxy for seawater salinity in the Red Sea around Termination II
Dirksen, J.P. Reichart, Prof. Dr. Gert-Jan, Geerken, Esmee
2 2017 Investigating the impact of El Niño-events on the Ecuadorian pollen record of the last 120 year
Stekelenburg, M.C.A. Donders, T.H., Hagemans, K.
3 2017 Palynomorph biodegradation as potential new proxy for soil erosion across the Triassic-Jurassic boundary in Schandelah, NW Germany
Hollaar, T.P. Schootbrugge, B. van de, Sluijs, A.
4 2017 Paleodynamics and organic carbon characteristics in a thermokarst affected landscape in West Alaska
Jongejans, L.L. Peterse, Francien
5 2017 Chlorinated solvent sorption on clay minerals and organo-clays
Mulders, J.J.P.A. Nico Bovet, Thilo Behrends
6 2016 Forcing of turbidity currents on the morphological evolution of submarine channel-levee systems: a laboratory study
Heijnen, M.S. Eggenhuisen, J.T., Trabucho-Alexandre, J., de Leeuw, J.
7 2016 Sea surface temperature proxy comparison for the Pliocene North Sea
Boschman, R.C. Dearing Crampton-Flood, E. K. L. H., Peterse, F.
8 2015 Constraining air-sea equilibrium and biological end-members for marine gross productivity estimates using oxygen triple isotopes.
Meer, A.E. van der Kaiser, J., Middelburg, J.B.M.
9 2017 Late Paleocene - Early Eocene long and short term environment and climate change in Southeast Australia
Huurdeman, E.P. Bijl, P.K, Sluijs, A., Peterse, F., Frieling, J., Donders, T.H.
10 2016 Validating the applicability of upwelling and paleotemperature proxies based on long-chain diols in a coastal region (Chile margin) over the last 150 kyr.
Stolwijk, D.J. Schouten, S., De Bar, M.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 85 pag. 12 3 4 5 6