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1 2017 The effect of differential compaction on shelf-edge trajectroies
Beelen, D. Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson, João Trabucho-Alexandre
2 2017 Age duration and depositional history of the Lower Muschelkalk of Winterswijk
Mijnen, S.W. Schootbrugge, Dr. B van de, Reumer, Prof. Dr. J.W.F.
3 2017 Identifying sources of biomarkers in sinking particles in Lake Challa, Kenya
Regt, P.T.A. de Peterse, Francien
4 2017 Environmental reconstruction of Ain el Beida (Atlantic site of the Rifian Corridor, Morocco) during the first stages of the Messinian Salinity Crisis using benthic foraminifera
Berg, W.C. van den dr. Tanja Kouwenhoven, dr. Frits Hilgen
5 2017 BrGDGTs as tracer of soil organic matter transport: a case study from the Godavari River, India
Zwart, H.M. Peterse, F., Kirkels, F.M.S.A.
6 2016 Application and validation of Na/Ca as a proxy for seawater salinity in the Red Sea around Termination II
Dirksen, J.P. Reichart, Prof. Dr. Gert-Jan, Geerken, Esmee
7 2017 Investigating the impact of El Niño-events on the Ecuadorian pollen record of the last 120 year
Stekelenburg, M.C.A. Donders, T.H., Hagemans, K.
8 2017 Palynomorph biodegradation as potential new proxy for soil erosion across the Triassic-Jurassic boundary in Schandelah, NW Germany
Hollaar, T.P. Schootbrugge, B. van de, Sluijs, A.
9 2017 Paleodynamics and organic carbon characteristics in a thermokarst affected landscape in West Alaska
Jongejans, L.L. Peterse, Francien
10 2017 Chlorinated solvent sorption on clay minerals and organo-clays
Mulders, J.J.P.A. Nico Bovet, Thilo Behrends
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 90 pag. 12 3 4 5 6