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1 2017 Reconstructing Younger Dryas temperature variability in Central Europe based on branched glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers (brGDGTs) in Lake Trzechowskie, Poland
Onnes, S. Peterse, F., Hoek, W.Z.
2 2018 Palynological analysis of the Rhaetian clays in the Sibelco WINT15-02 core (Winterswijk, the Netherlands)
Smeets, M.P.H. Schootbrugge, B. van de, Reumer, J.W.F.
3 2017 Textural and mineralogical characterization of the late Pliensbachian-early Toarcian sediments of the Cleveland Basin, Yorkshire, U.K.
Vos, L. de Trabucho Alexandre, J.P., Schootbrugge, B. van de
4 2017 The middle Late Miocene herpetofauna of Kainari 1, Moldova: paleobiogeographic and -climatic implications.
Baken, T. Wessels, W., Vasilyan, D.
5 2018 Elevated CO2 levels in the Peri-Tethys during the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum
Waarlo, N. Sluijs, A., van der Ploeg, R.
6 2017 Orbital forcing of mid-Miocene climate
Roeterink, M. Lourens, Prof. dr. L. J., Beddow, dr. H. M.
7 2017 Productivity versus Preservation: Black shale deposition of the Early Toarcian (Jurassic) ocean anoxic event in the Northern German Basin
Baars, T.F. Schootbrugge, B. van der
8 2017 Petro-physical Characterisation of the Deventer Area’s Subsurface for Geothermal Energy
Dalby, C.J. Bonté, D., Slob, S., Beekman, F.
9 2017 The vegetation development and drift-sand dynamics in the Kootwijkerveen, the Netherlands: the role of human impact and climate variability
Dijkshoorn, M. Gouw-Bouman, M.T.I.J.
10 2017 Modelling primary production dynamics in the Arctic under changing sea ice conditions
Stuart-Lee, A.E. Middelburg, J., Soetaert, K.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 105 pag. 12 3 4 5 6