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1 2016 Replication of Cohen’s d: Quantifying Evidence using the Bayes Factor
Kroonenberg, M.D. Hoijtink, H.
2 2016 Learning to Parent in Rural Western Kenya: A Community of Learners Perspective
Trijp, C.P.J. van Haan, M.J. de, Robben, A.C.G.M
3 2016 Translanguaging as pedagogy in a superdiversity classroom: Constraints and opportunities
Ticheloven, A.H.L. Leseman, P.P.M., Blom, W.B.T.
4 2016 The Influence of Child and Game Characteristics on the Learning Progress of a Serious Game Stimulating Number Sense
Schoo, M. Kroesbergen, E.H., Kirschner, F.C.
5 2016 Educational Dialogues in Preschool Education Programs: The Influence of Children’s Engagement in Educational Dialogues on Emergent Academic Skills
Romijn, B.R. Leseman, P.P.M., Henrichs, L.F., Weijer-Bergsma, E. van de
6 2016 Teacher-student interactions during seatwork: Who is having how much contact and why?
Martens, S.E. Pol, J.E. van de, Mainhard, M.T.
7 2016 Language Input in the Home Environment and its Relationship with Vocabulary and Inflectional Morphology: A Multigroup Analysis on Three Immigrant Groups in the Netherlands
Jong, W.A. de Blom, W.B.T., Leseman, P.P.M.
8 2016 Reconsidering Variability in Support Adaptivity in the Classroom: The Unique Contribution of Micro and Dyad Level Factors to Support Adaptivity.
Halem, N. van Mainhard, M.T., Pol, J.E. van de
9 2016 Relationships between Language Specificity of Verbal Short-Term Memory Measures and Inflectional Morphology: A Comparison between Monolingual and Bilingual Children.
Elevelt, A. Blom, W.B.T., Verhagen, J.
10 2016 Beyond Situational - Individual Distinctions: The Multidimensional Structure of Interest
Draijer, J.M. Akkerman, S.F., Slot, E.M., Bakker, A.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 54 pag. 12 3 4 5 6