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1 2017 Peer Relations Mediate Effects of Teacher-Student Relationships on Primary Students’ Self-Concepts
Vernooij, S. Mainhard, M. T., Herndickx, M. M. H. G.
2 2017 The Structure of Creativity in Primary Education: An Empirical Confirmation of the Amusement Park Theory
Willemsen, R.H. Kroesbergen, E. H., Schoevers, E. M.
3 2017 Dynamic Relations between Achievement Goals of Students and Parents before and after the Transition to Secondary Education
Kooi, R. Hornstra, T. E., Schuitema, J. A., Tartwijk, van, J.
4 2017 Student Behavioral Engagement in the Context of Teacher-Student Interactions: Its Nature and Relation with Contingent Support
Braak, M. van Pol, van de, J. E., Mainhard, M. T.
5 2017 Toddlers’ School Readiness Profiles Predicting Pre-academic Achievement: The Importance of the Cognitive Domain
Ooms, M.C.P. Ven, van der, S., Leseman, P. P. M., Veen, van der, I.
6 2017 The Effect of Contrasting Cases During Problem Solving Prior To and After Instruction
Tillema, M. Gog, van, T., Rummel, N.
7 2017 Relations between Bilingual Input at Early Childhood Education and Care and Preschoolers’ Vocabulary and Grammar
Vester, M. Blom, E., Unsworth, S.
Boven, L.M. Shayan, S., Bakker, A., Schaaf, van der, M.
9 2017 Children’s Distance to Science: Science Capital and Attitudes towards Science in the Context of Summerschool Junior
Klaver, L.T. Akkerman, S. F., Bronkhorst, L. H.
10 2017 Volumetric Image Interpretation in Radiology: Scroll Behavior and Cognitive Processes
Boer, L. den Schaaf, van der, M. F., Grijp, van der, A.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 73 pag. 12 3 4 5 6