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1 2018 Analysis of current and future Dutch charging infrastructure and charging patterns
Snaak, E.W. Kramer, Prof. Dr. G. J.
2 2017 The primary energy savings potential of electric heavy-duty vehicles
Es, J. van Kramer, G. J., Crijns-Graus, W. H. J.
3 2017 Modelling hydropower in detail to assess its contribution to flexibility services in the European power system
Sanchez Perez, A. van den Broek, M.A.
4 2017 The impact of vehicle automation and electrification on transport, urban planning and the charging infrastructure
Snaak, E.W. Kramer, G.J.
5 2016 Simulating local Green Gas feed-in through constant gas flow control
Es, J. van Nieuwlaar, Evert
6 2018 Essential oil production in rural Africa
Appelman, S.N.G. Nieuwlaar, E
7 2017 Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers : Technology review and technoeconomic assessment
Leeuwen, J.D. van Kramer, G.J.
8 2017 "Techno-economic and greenhouse gas emissions analyses of biobased building blocks production for bioplastic applications".
Coccato, S. Iris Vural-Gursel, Jonathan Moncada Botero
9 2017 Identification and Evaluation of Sustainable Intensification Options for Crop Residue Production
Kayser, R. Mouratiadou, Dr I.
10 2017 Synergies and trade-offs between bioenergy use and the UN sustainable development goals: A quantitative approach using IMAGE model data to assess the impact of bioenergy use on indicat ...
Leeuwen, J.D. van Wicke, B., Daioglou, V.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 223 pag. 12 3 4 5 6