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1 2018 Freudian Psychoanalysis in Kubrick’s Lolita: Quilty
Meinema, M.D. Stelling, L.J.
2 2018 Writing Accuracy: Implicit Versus Explicit Instruction
Norder, M.D.M. Tribushinina, E., de Graaf, R.
3 2018 Intercultural Communication in Fiction: Hofstede’s Dimensions and Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake
Singer, J. Franssen, dr. P.J.C.M., Supheert, dr. R.G.J.L
4 2018 Subtitling Modern Family: A case study of the translation of humor by subtitling Modern Family's "Door to Door"
Reinhoudt, L.G.M. Kosters, O.
5 2018 Maintaining the Foreign, the Ugly and the Pretty: Translating Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies
Bootsma, M.M.J. Kool, A.F.M.
6 2017 Are We There Yet? Queer Representation in Three Young Adult Novels Between 1952 and 1994
Dekker, R.R. Aaftink, C.
7 2018 The Literary Form of Dystopian Fiction The Creation of an Unfamiliar and Horrifying World
Namysl, N. Cook, S., Bagchi, B.
8 2017 About Literature, with Film: The Use of Film in Literature Education
Kempen, Robin van Knaap, Ewout van der
9 2014 The Performance of the iPad in English Language Teaching in Secondary Schools in the Netherlands: A Qualitative Study
Vermey, Nyree Supheert, R.G.J.L.
10 2013 Shakespeare and Education : Why his works should have a place in the curriculum of all Dutch secondary schools and suggestions as to how they can be taught
Winkelman, Annelieke Hoenselaars, A.J.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 871 pag. 12 3 4 5 6