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1 2009 Mark Twain: Devil's Advocate
Landau, Andrea Rubin, Derek
2 2008 “Unjust Ends” at the “Point of Honour”: The Duel in Early Modern Drama
Pennings, C.L.P. (Clint) Franssen, Paul, Hoenselaars, Ton
3 2008 Casting Shadows Out of Time: H. P. Lovecraft, His Influences and His Influence
Santvoort, Derk van Kosters, Onno, Medeiros, Paulo de
4 2008 The Struggle of Rushdie’s Marginal Man
Dijkhuizen, Maarten Kosters, Onno
5 2008 Intertextuality and the Gothic in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower
Bel, Colin George van der Kosters, Onno
6 2008 Jane Austen Parents and Parenting Austen's Representations of Parenthood in Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion
Vink, Sarah de Franssen, Paul
7 2008 The Seven Deadly Sins: a Comparison Between English Literature and the Divina Commedia
Keywords: Zeven, Hoofdzonden, Seven, Sins
Bouwman, Peter Hoenselaars, Ton, Helm, José van der
8 2008 Jeanette Winterson's De stenen goden. David Damrosch and Pierre Bourdieu Revisited
Ierland, Kirsten van Hoenselaars, Ton
9 2008 The Defiant Endurance of Misery : Aristotle's Poetics Applied to Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge
McPhail, S.L. Hoenselaars, A.J.
10 2007 World Voices: Dante and Shakespeare Reception in Twentieth-Century Literature
Verheul, Emma Hoenselaars, Ton
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 27 pag. 12 3