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1 2017 EU Emissions Trading: Policy-Induced Innovation, or Business as Usual?
Larsson, M.J. Dr. Filip Cernoch, Prof. Johan Den Hertog
2 2016 Loops to Leapfrog
Nanninga, M.B.C. Schippers, Prof. dr. J.J.
3 2017 Lobby strategies within the EU The European Youth Forums access to decision-making bodies in regard to E+
Keuper, L. Princen, S.
4 2017 How accurate are European perceptions of Muslim Asylum Seeker values?
Talay, L.A. Chovancik, M.
5 2017 Europeanization of Kosovo's Public Administration: 2009-2017
Shala, F. Rashkova, Ekaterina, Hloušek, Vít
6 2017 From paper to practice: A study on the implementation of NATO’s Protection of Civilians policy
Aakster, F.C.S. Brandsma, G.J., Holzinger, K.
7 2017 Brexit and the CFSP: a window of opportunity?
Sampson, R. Rashkova, dr. E. R.
8 2017 City Representation Offices in Brussels: Which Practices for which Objectives?
Fievet, T.X.J. Senden, Linda, Havlík, Vratislav
9 2017 Influencing EU fisheries policy through (trans)national networks: The case of the Province of Flevoland
Kramer, J. Lachnit, E.
10 2017 Why Governance matters – The implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Schweikert, A.U. Brandsma, Prof Dr. G.J.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 40 pag. 12 3 4