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jaar Document Auteur(s) Supervisor
1 2016 The EU Circular Economy Package and SMEs in Amsterdam
Wösten, G.H.M. Schippers, Joop
2 2016 Democratization in Georgia: what role for the EU?
Steenland, R.A. Princen, S.B.M., Schneider, G.
3 2016 The Effectiveness of the Economic Diplomacy of the Netherlands - A Study at the Embassy in Slovenia
Zuidema, F.M. Hertog, J.A. den
4 2016 The Muzzled Watchdog - The impact of EU conditionality on media freedom in Serbia
Stiphout, T.M. van Smekal, Hubert, Gerbrandy, Anna
5 2016 The Dealer's Choice. Agenda-setting Dynamics in the Council of Ministers
Strating, A.R. Princen, Sebastiaan
6 2016 Connecting innovative regions to Europe. A comparative case study of the Dutch provinces Noord-Brabant & Limburg and their membership of transnational networks of regions in the field ...
Lepot, R.P.M. Senden, L.A.J., Malang, Th.
7 2016 Learning by Playing! A Study about the Potential of Board Games about the European Union as a Tool for Political Education
Ivens, S. van Esch, F.A.W.J.
8 2016 The Determinants of Transnational Cooperation Within the Framework of the Interreg Programme A Mixed Methods Analysis of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region and the Interreg North Sea Regio ...
Petry, C.N. Brandsma, G.J.
9 2016 EDUCATING FOR EU CITIZENSHIP: Identifying the characteristics and potential conditions that could enhance awareness of European citizenship among school students
Berkeley, D. Bakker, Wieger
10 2016 The Implementation and Internalisation of EU Consumer Protection Policy in the Republic of Croatia. An Analysis of Institutions and Consumers
Stickelmann, S. Hertog, J.A. den
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 26 pag. 12 3