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1 2015 Injuries in sporting and non-sporting children and adolescents with a physical disability or chronic disease: a cross-sectional study
Berg, S.M. van den Net, Dr. J. van der
2 2017 Functional power measurement estimation within the orthopedic geriatric rehabilitation using body-fixed motion sensor
Drijver, S. Wattel, E.M.
3 2017 Level of fatigue and aspects associated with fatigue in children and adolescents with Primary Immunodeficiency
Pots, E.M. van der Net, J.
4 2017 eHealth in Dutch physiotherapy practices: a national survey
Vader, M.A. Swinkels, I.C.S., Veenhof, C.
5 2017 The Paediatric Haemophilia Activity and Participation List (Ped-HAPL). Development of a Participation sub-score for a Questionnaire for children and youth with haemophilia, first phase ...
Buren, C.P. van Pisters, M.F.
6 2016 Overall recovery after stroke: a patient’s perspective
Steenhuisen, M. Port, Dr. I.G.L.van de
7 2016 Perspectives of Orofacial Therapists on eHealth initiatives for managing Temporomandibular Disorders: A Needs Assessment
Bruxvoort, T. van Speksnijder, C.M.
8 2017 Physical, social and school functioning in pediatric patients during early clinical remission of cancer
Dam, I. van Nijhof, Dr. S.L, van Brussel, Dr. M
9 2015 Biofeedback in partial weight bearing: Usability of two different devices from patient’s and physical therapist’s perspective
Lieshout, R. van Net, J. van der, Stukstette, M.J.
10 2016 The PREHAB-study: Randomized multiple-baseline single-case study to test preliminary effectiveness of preoperative exercise in high-risk patients waiting for total hip replacement. ...
Sweerts, L. Hoogeboom, T.J.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 167 pag. 12 3 4 5 6