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1 2016 Born Girl in Macondo: Stolen Childhood
Vazquez Lopez, A. Midden, Eva
2 2017 MALE FIELDS, FEMALE AGENCIES: An Analysis Of Women's Strategies In The Demasculinization Of Cocoa Plantations In Cameroon.
Perez Teran, A.S. Ftouni, L., Vieitez Cerdeño, M. S.
3 2017 The Male Gayze: Queer Cinema and Psychoanalysis
Daou, O. Adelina Sánchez Espinosa, Domitilla Olivieri
4 2017 Public Shaming and Resistance in the Context of the Bride Kidnapping Phenomenon in Kyrgyzstan
Sataeva, B. Gorska, M., Zapędowska-Kling, K.
5 2017 Cosmo-Girl to Cosmo-Grandma! An exploration in to the content and adverts placed within British women’s magazines and how this influences the construction of an ‘ideal’ body im ...
Arthur, K.J. Alsop, Rachel, Mascat, Jamila
6 2017 Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz: el despertar del entendimiento. El Sueño desde una perspectiva feminista.
Stabile, V. Marchetti, G. G., Mascat, J. M.
7 2017 Decolonizing Education & Development: Informal Learning at Ladies Dhaba, Karachi
Banglani, A. Waaldijk, M.L.
8 2017 Contemporary Urban Parteiras Tradicionais in Brazil and Discourses on ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Modernity’
Antero de Melo, L. Isabel Carrera Suarez, Christine Quinan
9 2017 Traditional folk rituals and ceremonies as space for agency, power, and harmony for Uzbek women in Surkhandarya
Primkulova, M. Smiet, K.
10 2016 Female Nudity and Dress Codes in Pre-Colonial Nigeria: A Case Study of Nigerian Women, Through the Archives
Okoro, E.L. Alsop, Rachel, Zarzycka, Marta
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 87 pag. 12 3 4 5 6