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1 2017 Real-time Global Illumination: a quantitative measurement of approximate global illumination algorithms
Brug, Y.M. ten Kreveld, M.J. van, Bikker, J.
2 2017 Museum Visitor Type Preferences of Artwork Complementing Illusions in a VR Museum
Tan, X.J. Hürst, W.O.
3 2017 The Sense of Embodiment in Augmented Reality: A Third Hand Illusion
Gilbers, C. Hürst, dr. W.O., Werkhoven, prof. dr. P.J., Rosa, N.E.
4 2017 Automated Generation of Animated 3D Facial Meshes: A Photogrammetry and Deformation Transfer-Based Model
Gubins, I. Broek, E. L. van den, Avril, Q., Danieau, F., Veltkamp, R. C.
5 2017 Neural multi-view segmentation-aggregation for joint Lidar and image object detection
Someren, B. van Poppe, R. W., Veltkamp, R. C.
6 2017 Primary Sample Space Path Guiding
Guo, J. Bikker, Jacco, Eisemann, Elmar
7 2017 Volume Tiled Forward Shading
Oosten, J.P. van Bikker, Jacco
8 2017 Assessment of the neck as a haptic surface for displaying vibrations for emotional responses
Mosca, E. Hürst, Wolfgang O., Veltkamp, Remco C., Rosa, Nina E.
9 2017 Drawing in a Virtual 3D Space - Introducing VR Drawing in Elementary School Art Education
Bolier, W. Hürst, W.O., Bommel, G. van
10 2017 Integrating Agent Planning and Emotions
Kessels, K. Dignum, F.P.M., Dastani, M.M.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 179 pag. 12 3 4 5 6