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1 2016 Fast Divergent Ray Traversal by Batching Rays in a BVH
Gasparian, T.G. Bikker, Jacco
2 2017 Optimizing Draw Call Batching Using Transient Data-Guided Texture Atlases
Dortmont, J.A.L.T. van Zalmstra, B., Prasetya, S.W.B., Bikker, J.
3 2017 Realtime Environment Lighting Simulation for Augmented Reality Applications
Salcedo Sanson, M.A. Vaxman, Amir, Bikker, Jacco
4 2017 Automotive Camera Simulation for Testing ADAS and Active Safety Systems
Booisma, H.T.D. Bikker, J., Wantenaar, M., Phillips, M.
5 2017 Developing A Grid Based Vibrotactile Device Producing Smooth Funneling on the Forearm
Westra, E.A.J. Hürst, dr. W.O., Rosa, N.E.
6 2017 MovieWall: A Novel Interface Concept for Visual Exploration of Large Movie Collections
Nefkens, M.W. Hürst, dr. W.O, Hardman, prof. L.
7 2017 Fast Preprocessed Global Illumination for Massive Scenes with Live Updates
Schouls, C. Bikker, J., Vaxman, A.
8 2017 Presence and Embodiment in Augmented Reality
Bommel, J.G. van Rosa, N.E., Hürst, W.O., Werkhoven, P.J.
9 2017 Towards multi-modal, multi-party virtual dialog systems
Harel, R. Dignum, F.P.M., Yumak, Z.
10 2017 The Impact of Immersive Virtual Reality on Effectiveness of Educational Games
Mineev, G. Veltkamp, prof. dr. R.C., van Oostendorp, dr. H.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 189 pag. 12 3 4 5 6