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1 2018 Applying intersectionality as a method
Witteloostuijn, A.O. van Colpani, G.
2 2018 "I am just as normal as they are": Reconstructing the definition of womanhood through the experiences of voluntary childless women.
Thole, M.M. Olivieri, Domitilla
3 2018 Social politics of the menopause. How Dutch female managers experience their menopause on the work floor.
Pronk, A.M.E. Borren, Dr. Marieke
4 2018 Assessing the foundation of birth houses: A qualitative study among birth givers in the Czech Republic
Veitova, K. Colpani, G.
5 2018 The existence of sexism in Spanish secondary schools
Alonso Valero, L. Borren, Marieke
6 2017 Roll 2d6 to kill - Neoliberal design and its affect in traditional and digital role-playing games
Brunings, R.F. Mascat, J.
7 2018 Reclaiming the Politics of Pride: Analysing queer performances and underlying processes of exclusion at the Amsterdam Canal Parade through protest group We reclaim our pride
Engelen, D. van Quinan, C.L.
8 2018 Exposing Instagram: Commodification, Objectification, and (Sexual) Violation of the Female Body in the Contemporary Online Modelling Industry
Regenmortel, N. van Mascat, J.
9 2018 Place, time, and smartphones: refugee women affectively “making do” - A feminist research project exploring the situated and contested experiences of refugee women waiting in Greec ...
Greene, A.M.A. Leurs, K.
10 2017 Interventions into the 'Wicked' Problem of Climate Change: An interdisciplinary feminist analysis of possible interventions into the problem of the mitigation of climate change
Nanninga, J.S. Mascat, J
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 169 pag. 12 3 4 5 6