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1 2018 Place, time, and smartphones: refugee women affectively “making do” - A feminist research project exploring the situated and contested experiences of refugee women waiting in Greec ...
Greene, A.M.A. Leurs, K.
2 2017 Interventions into the 'Wicked' Problem of Climate Change: An interdisciplinary feminist analysis of possible interventions into the problem of the mitigation of climate change
Nanninga, J.S. Mascat, J
3 2017 #nonotallmen but #yesallwomen1 An analysis on how men perceive sexual street harassment
Franco, E.V.D. Colpani, Dr. Gianmaria
4 2017 Diversity in Dutch newsrooms, a study into the representation of women of colour in journalism
Geels, M.G. Domitilla Olivieri, Eva Midden
5 2016 A joint battle against the hijab? A critical discourse analysis of ''My Stealthy Freedom" and the Western media coverage
Rouhof, M.S.F. Trakilovic, Milica
6 2017 Religiosity & secularization: The religious experience of Latin-American women in the Netherlands.
Jacobs, L.B.M. Ftouni, Layal
7 2017 "A Call to Move and Move Together": Learning from Each Other's Knowledges in the Feminist Debate Around Sex Work/Prostitution
Tierney, M.J. Midden, Eva
8 2017 Towards a Phenomenology of Pro-Choice Activism: The Role of 'Thinking/Theorising' Pregnant Embodiment in the Abortion Rights Debate - A Study with Irish Pro-Choice/'Repeal the 8th' Act ...
O'Shaughnessy, A.C. Waaldijk, Berteke
9 2017 Let’s talk about SEX!: A critical analysis of the level of diversity and inclusivity of sexuality education in Dutch secondary schools by researching the promotion of heteronormative ...
Douw, C. Ftouni, L.
10 2017 BECOMING RATHER THAN BEING. Identity Negotiations for Latin American Women in the Dutch Context
Reyes Toja, N.L. Smiet, K.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 161 pag. 12 3 4 5 6