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1 2017 Affirming the Aporia: On the Transformative Capacities of Blackness as Poetic Im/Possibility
Valdés Olmos, T.R. Thiele, K.
2 2017 The Reproduction of Coloniality in Learning and Teaching Practices in Primary Education on Curacao
Heydoorn, E. van Waaldijk, Prof. Dr. B., Allen, Dr. R. M.
3 2017 The Corporeal Conditions of Mania and Depression in the Graphic Narrative "Marbles"
Camps, F. Górska, M.A.
4 2017 (DES)HACIENDO FRONTERAS Experiences of Latin American LGBTI* asylum seekers in Spain during the process of credibility assessment
Perego, A. Dr. Víctor Merino Sancho, Dr. Christine Quinan
5 2017 Daughters of migration: An autoethnographic journey through a matrilineal history of migration between Brazil and Italy
Barbosa Oliveira Casagrande, M.C. Quinan, Christine
6 2017 Facing Surveillance: On Artistic Explorations of Biometric Technologies
Wevers, R.L.L. Buikema, R.L.
7 2017 Strategies of Living
Engelen, J.L. van Thiele, Kathrin
8 2017 A Familiar Experience: An analysis of the concepts of family and experience through feminist theory
Herder, M. de Buikema, R.L.
9 2017 Towards an Ethical Whiteness: the Case of Rachel Dolezal
Seawell, S. Mascat, Jamila, Thiele, Kathrin
10 2017 Re-thinking the Agency of Human Remains: Haunting and the Struggle for Justice in the Restitution Process of Herero and Nama Skulls in 2011
Kern, M. Layal, Ftouni
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 72 pag. 12 3 4 5 6