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1 2018 The influence of assortment and information provided in pet stores, garden centres, construction markets, and supermarkets regarding housing, nutrition and water supply on health and w ...
Thiel, K. Vink, D.J., Vinke, C.M., Zeeland, Y.R.A. van
2 2018 The effect of maternal obesity on embryo growth and fertility in the horse.
Vasseur, F. de Ruijter-Villani, M.
3 2018 Continuing analysis of the relation between the teeth and age of puppies: ‘Is it possible to determine whether a puppy is fifteen weeks old by its dentition?’
Rovers, S.J.M. Booij-Vrieling, H.E., Beelen, S.
4 2015 Detection of pain in ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) via facial expressions with the use of a ferret grimace scale (FGS)
Stodel, M. Reijgwart, M.L.
5 2013 Coronoid dysplasia in dogs: Computed tomographic, Arthroscopic, and Histopathologic findings.
Mariee, I.C. Theyse, L.F.H., Gröne, A.
6 2017 Association of computed tomographic angiography findings on the outcome in dogs receiving partial ligation of an intrahepatic congenital portosystemic shunt, a retrospective study of 2 ...
Sonies, P.M. Kummeling, Dr. A.
7 2017 Longitudinal development of dynamic hoof balance in foals
Heijer, M. den Back, W.
8 2016 Prevalence of obesity in cats
Graas, M. Corbee, R. J.
9 2018 The next steps in personalized cancer medicine
Versteegh, H. de Bruin, Alain, Spee, Bart
10 2016 Positieve en negatieve gezondheidseffecten ten gevolge van de interactie tussen ouderen en gezelschapsdieren.
Schuit, W.R. Lipman, L.J.A.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 539 pag. 12 3 4 5 6