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1 2013 The effect of oxic degradation on organic temperature proxies: A case study from the coastal shelf off Honshu Island, Japan
Wittkopp, F. Schouten, S., Reichart, G.-J.
2 2012 Reactive Transport Modeling of the migration of a Pyrite Slag Leachate through an Aquifer in the Vicinity of a Canal with a Time-Dependent Stage
Herden P de Mesquita Negrão, F. Behrends, T.
3 2012 Characterization of the spatial distribution of iron- and manganese oxides in the Sterksel Formation at the Maalbeek quarry, The Netherlands
Olivier, N.J. Behrends, T, Griffioen, J
4 2012 Characterization of biotic and abiotic transformations of 1,2-dichloroethane in a contamineted industrial site
Cassarini, C. Bosma, T.N.P., Middelburg, J.B.M.
5 2012 Aquatic Microbial Toxicity of Organophosphorous Flame Retardants Assessed with Ready Biodegradability Testing Methods
Maurik, J.H. van Middelburg, J.J.
6 2012 Carbon cycling and its effect on oxygen concentrations and pH in a seasonally anoxic coastal marine system
Zuijdgeest, A.L. Slomp, C.P., Hagens, Mathilde
7 2012 Stabilization of Peat by Infiltration of Reactants A feasibility study: infiltration of silica biopolymer suspension in peat
Hamer, D.A. den Behrends, Thilo, van Paassen, Leon
8 2011 Experimental boron isotope fractionation during precipitation of amorphous silica: towards a paleo-pH proxy in Archean cherts
Hoving, A.L. Bergen, M. van, Geilert, S.
9 2011 Electrokinetically induced removal of heavy metals from an aged, contaminated sludge – a laboratory experiment
Merkx, O.K. Loch, J.P.G., Lima, A.T.
10 2011 Migration of heavy metals in soils by evaporation
Safar, Z. Loch, J.P.Guus
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 20 pag. 12