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1 2017 GIS based property valuation: Objectifying the value of view
Oud, D.A.J. Bouwmeester, Dr. H.J.F.M., van Oosterom, Prof. Dr. Ir. P.J.M.
2 2017 Improving Leaf Area Index estimation with satellite imagery
Ovakoglou, G. Bregt, A., Clevers, J., Alexandridis, T.
3 2017 Remoteness as a proxy for social vulnerability in Malawian Traditional Authorities An open data and open-source approach
Wilbrink, J.G. Lemmens, dr.ir. R.L.G. (Rob)
4 2017 Making open geo-data attainable for everyone - Requirements for a Layman’s GeoPortal
Passier, K.P. de Vries, M., van Oosterom, P.
5 2017 Route Choice Preference of Cyclists: an agent-based simulation model for the city of Utrecht
Balcı, P. Aldo Bergsma, Ron van Lammeren
6 2017 Assessing the Usability of Municipal Spatial Data Infrastructure
Mahmoud, B.A. Grus, Dr. Ir. L., Bregt, Prof. dr. ir. A.K.
7 2017 Towards a Dynamic Isochrone Map: Adding Spatiotemporal Traffic and Population Data
Berg, J.W. van den Köbben, B.J.
8 2017 Exploring Place and Identity Through Soundscape Mapping
Ferloni, G. Ostermann, Dr. F. O.
9 2017 Assessing technological possibility against societal need: smart sketchmaps for fit-for-purpose land administration
Amsing, H.C. Bennett, R.M., Ho, S.
10 2017 Action spaces: a GIS based analysis. To assess the community action space of the Galapagos Island population using GIS based spatial-temporal pattern recognition techniques.
Speel, P.P.H. Lammers, R
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 106 pag. 12 3 4 5 6