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1 2017 Secret room in the train
Valk, R.A. van der Verbree, Edward
2 2017 Estimating Post-Earthquake Aid Priority Areas
Bulte, E.C.C. Karssenberg, Dr. D.
3 2017 Measuring the perceived usability of geoportals on their communication and visualization of land use plans. The case Ro-Online.
Veldkamp, B.J.D. van Lammeren, R.J.A
4 2017 Geovisual football analytics: towards the development of an interactive visual interface for football coaches, analysts and players
Hoeve, L.T. van van Elzakker, dr. C.P.J.M. (Corné)
5 2017 GIS based property valuation: Objectifying the value of view
Oud, D.A.J. Bouwmeester, Dr. H.J.F.M., van Oosterom, Prof. Dr. Ir. P.J.M.
6 2017 Improving Leaf Area Index estimation with satellite imagery
Ovakoglou, G. Bregt, A., Clevers, J., Alexandridis, T.
7 2017 Remoteness as a proxy for social vulnerability in Malawian Traditional Authorities An open data and open-source approach
Wilbrink, J.G. Lemmens, dr.ir. R.L.G. (Rob)
8 2017 Making open geo-data attainable for everyone - Requirements for a Layman’s GeoPortal
Passier, K.P. de Vries, M., van Oosterom, P.
9 2017 Route Choice Preference of Cyclists: an agent-based simulation model for the city of Utrecht
Balcı, P. Aldo Bergsma, Ron van Lammeren
10 2017 Assessing the Usability of Municipal Spatial Data Infrastructure
Mahmoud, B.A. Grus, Dr. Ir. L., Bregt, Prof. dr. ir. A.K.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 110 pag. 12 3 4 5 6