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1 2013 The nature of the Pamir subduction zone derived from stress field modelling
Vogelaar, B.L. Govers, R.
2 2013 Analysis of the crustal structure of the Netherlands from receiver function inversion using the Neighbourhood algorithm
Mulders, I. J. Trampert, H. Paulssen
3 2013 Earth's inner core: revealing the structures behind the PKP core phase triplication.
Blom, N.A. Paulssen, dr. J.A.M., Deuss, dr. A.F.
4 2013 Apparent velocity of acoustic waveforms and geophysical applications
Peters, B. Geophysics, Utrecht University, Professor Jeannot Trampert, Numerical Analysis, Department of Applied Mathematics, TU Delft, Dr. Neil V. Budko
5 2012 Micro-Seismicity in the Bergermeer gas storage field
Kwee, J. Kraaijpoel, D., Paulssen, J.A.M.
6 2012 Thermal hydrological modeling of the effect of fault zones intersecting primary porous media and the implications for enhancing Geothermal exploration potential at shallower depths ...
Nieboer, R.G. Schotting, R.J.
7 2012 Dynamics of the Eurasian plate at 40 Ma: placing a dynamic constraint on lithosphere-mantle coupling
Burgt, J.C.H. van der Govers, R.M.A.
8 2012 The significance of grain size dependent composite solid-state flow in upper mantle dynamics
Ritterbex, S.A.W. Berg, A.P. van den
9 2012 Mars' thermal evolution constrained by the crustal magnetization and volcanic resurfacing: Present-day melting and the disappearance of the global magnetic field explained
Glerum, A.C. Berg, A. P. van den
10 2011 Characterizing hydraulic parameters in a small-scale tank experiment, using Self-Potential, DC Resistivity and Induced Polarization methods.
Marnette, K. Schotting, R.J., Revil, A.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 16 pag. 12