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1 2017 The comparative efficacy of a mindfulness and gratitude intervention in alleviating depressive symptoms and the moderating role of gratitude as a trait
Hakstege, F.L. Doosje, S
2 2017 “Prisoners of a Fatalistic Present”: Investigating the Relationship between Scarcity, Future Valuation, Food Reward Sensitivity, and Unhealthy Eating
Vermeulen, E.M. Venema, A.G., Gillebaart, M.
3 2017 The Impact of Defensive Immobility on the Development of Intrusive Memories
Kralli, I. Hagenaars, M.A.
4 2017 The effect of working alliance on patient adherence and treatment outcome in patients suffering from severe personality disorders
Lurvink, M.A.C. Vollmann, M.
5 2017 The effects of re-exposure to the original or a resembling context on episodic memory contextualization in healthy humans
Boshuizen, C.C. Sevenster, D
6 2017 The Effect of a Brief Mindfulness Instruction and Perfectionism on Attentional Performance.
Steinmann, L.R. van Linden, S.
7 2018 The Influence of Social Support on Emotion Regulation in PTSD patients
Wouters, C.F.M. Boschloo, L.
8 2018 Relations of perceiving self-stigma in women: the role of depressive and anxiety symptoms and pregnancy
Funk, S. Brouwer, M.
9 2018 The Effect of Eye Movements on Fearful Future-Oriented Mental Images: A study among musicians with performance anxiety
Popelier, A.C.F.P. Hagenaars, M.
10 2016 Life is like a camera: A study of visual imagery on depression and mood.
Gier, D. de Williams, A.D.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 1119 pag. 12 3 4 5 6