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1 2017 A dual-task approach: Eye movements or counting backwards while recalling a traumatic memory reduces intrusions.
Impelen, L.J. van van Schie, K
2 2017 The role of Bipolar Parents’ Clinical Characteristics in the Prevalence of a Mood Disorder among Offspring: Results from the Dutch Bipolar and Schizophrenia Offspring study
Dijk, G.M. van Vollmann, M.
3 2017 Daily hassles, dysfunctional attitudes, and depressive symptoms in pregnant woman who use antidepressant
Wit, J.R. de Brouwer, M.
4 2017 The malleability of memory: The effect of intervention strength during reconsolidation
Welsing, A.M.H. van Schie, K.
5 2017 Cortisol Levels and Risk for Major Depressive Disorder: a Meta Analysis
Mroz, A. Kennis, M.
6 2017 The relationship between pain catastrophizing, posttraumatic stress symptoms and long-term pain among school-aged children and adolescents with burns
Hoogenboom, J.M.E. Egberts, M.R.
7 2017 Modifying the automatic approach bias toward gambling stimuli in problem gamblers: An online intervention
Eck, C.C. van Boschloo, L.
8 2017 Effect of freezing on formation of intrusive images
Ozmusa, O.A. Hagenaars, M.
9 2017 Can we reduce intrusive memories
Wolbert, L. van Schie, K.
10 2017 The Role of Tonic Immobility in the Development of PTSD Symptoms
Janssen, E.M.L. Hagenaars, M.A.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 1106 pag. 12 3 4 5 6