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1 2017 Quantitative Radiographic Assessment of the Cervical Intervertebral Disc in Warmblood Foals and Adults
Bruin, R.B. de Veraa, S.
2 2015 Does an increase in body weight influence the sagittal and carpal range of motion in Shetland ponies at walk and trot?
Kerbert, M.P. Back, W., Sonneveld, D.C.
3 2016 The usability of telemetric AEEG equipment in diagnosing epilepsy and intracranial masses
Derks, I.A.M. Wijnberg, I.D.
4 2017 Genetic background of dwarfism and hydrocephalus in Friesian horses
Boegheim, I.J.M. Leegwater, P.A.J., Back, W., van Lith, H.A.
5 2017 Genetic background of dwarfism in the Friesian horse
Boegheim, I.J.M. Leegwater, PAJ
6 2017 Influence of exercise on movement symmetry in Shetland ponies.
Kok, T.W. te Moller, N.C.R.
7 2016 Lipid modifications to improve cryopreservation of bovine in vitro produced oocytes and embryos
Hendrikx, A.L. Gadella, B.M.
8 2017 The influence of microfracturing on fixation and degradation of a hydrogel in a horse model
Bouwman, A.E. Mancini, Irina
9 2012 Setting up a PCR for the detection of Bovine Papilloma Virus in equine sarcoids
Smilde, D. Broens, E.M., Verstappen, K.M.H.W.
10 2017 The influence of exercise on joint homeostasis in the Shetland pony
Rooijen, R. van te Moller, Nikae
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 121 pag. 12 3 4 5 6