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1 2018 It's all you: From the self to the ideals of self-improvement and autonomy
Hogenbirk, H.D. Ophuijsen, J. van
2 2018 De-Centring Science: Diffractively Mapping Ways of Understanding the World
Heerink, J.G. Tuin, I. van der
3 2017 "Attentive and Reflective Glances at the Wonders of Nature": Science, politics, religion, and draftsmanship in Pierre Lyonet's study of insects in the eighteenth century
Scholten, K. Dupré, S.G.M.
4 2018 FROM THE FRYING PAN INTO THE FIRE: Cassirer's conception of causality and dererminism and the responses of contemporary physicists
Heijden, P. van der Dieks, D, van Dongen, J
5 2018 Causality, or: How i Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Working Definitions
Wildschut, D. Dieks, D
6 2018 On the interpretation of special relativity: Brown versus Janssen
Hoogland, J.G. Dieks, D.G.B.J.
7 2018 Het Holisme van Einstein, Hoe Duhems deugdelijke Holisme geen centrale plaats heeft in Einsteins filosofie
Scholten, O. van Dongen, Jeroen
8 2018 Scientific Societies and the Professionalization of Knowledge: A Long-Term History Based on Three Case Studies
Schipper, D.D. Baneke, Dr. D.M., Maas, Dr. A.
9 2018 Links, Letters and Lunaticks: a case study exploring the potential of Digital Historical Social Network Analysis
Boone, R.N. van Miert, D.K.W.
10 2018 Animals in Fact and Fiction
Kenney, A.H. Theunissen, L.T.G.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 93 pag. 12 3 4 5 6