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1 2010 Mechanisms of entry by single-stranded RNA viruses
Lim, S.M. Coenjaerts, F.E.J.
2 2010 Evasion of the terminal complement pathway by human pathogens
Klerk, N. Kessel, K. van
3 2009 Links Between IL-7Rα Ligands and Th17 Cells in Immune Disorders
Tak, T. Roon, Dr. J.A.G. van
4 2009 Bacteriophages for improvement of intestinal health in Pigs & Poultry
Spits, H.B. Bergen, M. A. P. van
5 2009 Post-translational modifications of C/EBP-β: Jack of all trades, master of some
Vervoort, S.J. Kalkhoven, E.
6 2009 The Global Polio Eradication Initiative --- Progress and Challenges
Puister, M. Loon, A.M. van
7 2009 Physiology of Enterococcus faecalis and faecium
Lammers, M. Heikens, E.
8 2009 'The role of host-cellular molecules in the coronavirus lifecycle'
Boer, K.G. de Verheije, M.H.
9 2009 Bacterial complement inhibitors: exotic molecules reveal therapeutic opportunities
Volker, T.W. Laarman, Msc, Alex, Strijp, Prof. Dr., Jos, van
10 2009 Getting the message through; signal transduction and integration in T helper cell lineage commitment
Shaltiël, I.A. Beekman, J.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 11 pag. 12