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1 2018 Place dependent effects of lagging regions on regional diversification into key enabling technologies.
Digan, M.S. Heimeriks, G.
2 2018 Is new always better? The effect of technological diversity change on the performance of climate-focused start-ups
Leendertse, J. Rijnsoever, dr. F.J. van
3 2017 Orchestrating public-private R&D networks: government-affiliated intermediary organizations as a policy intervention
Bogers, M.J. Janssen, M.J.
4 2018 They have not failed, they have just found ways that won't work; A study of factors that influence the failure process of startups
Jong, E.M. de Chappin, M.H.H.
5 2018 Open Innovation: how the R&D collaboration duration affects the innovative performance.
Miedema, R. Lorenz, A.
6 2018 “Which valorisation activities contribute to the success of societal healthcare innovation projects in University Medical Centers and how can these activities be executed?”
Fransen, M.A. Boon, W.P.C.
7 2018 Analyzing the Influence of Environmental and Sectoral Context Conditions on Technology Development and Diffusion: A Comparative Case Study of Residential Heat Pumps in European Countri ...
Werdt, T. de Wesseling, J. H.
8 2017 Bottom(“s)-up: Strategic Niche Management in the Development of the Manufacturing Internet of Things Niche
Dorhout Mees, R.M. Boon, W.P.C., Peine, A.
9 2018 Wind of change - Firm contributions to technological development in development phases
Branger, A.H.W. Rijnsoever, F.J. van
10 2017 The Influence of Network Characteristics on the Innovative Capacity of Project-Based Firms
Bruggeling, M. Wanzenböck, I.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 87 pag. 12 3 4 5 6